Itho Daalderop is a leading manufacturer and supplier of energy-efficient solutions for heating, ventilation and control technology. To capitalise fully on the market, they wanted access to a complete picture of all construction projects at any given moment. They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to raise its relationships and project management to a higher plane.

Complex stakeholder and project management
“In our projects, as we manage our sales procedure and tenders, we deal with a huge range of different parties, which we have to process at increasingly different times,” explains Robert Dielemans, Manager Business Operations with Itho Daalderop. “We want to have a picture of this entire process, with insights into the contact moments, discussion transcripts, reports and planning from all our partners and contacts so that we can take focused action to influence the process.” Leo van den Hil, Manager Information and Communications Technology with Itho Daalderop: “We used our Dynamics AX ERP system more or less as a CRM system, but realised that it just wasn’t working for our sales and marketing team here. Based on criteria like user-friendliness,integrations and flexibility, we ultimately  decided to choose Dynamics CRM alongside our existing ERP system.” Identifying the ‘blank spots’ Robert Dielemans: “Our Account Managers operate in territories, sometimes with up to a thousand contacts. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM we can now see directly which contacts are active and which are not. It’s now much easier to pick out the blank spots, and we now get a real picture of the territories.

The system is undoubtedly user-friendly.  Classification, opportunity management, quotations, interactions and agreements in Outlook, following-up on campaigns – we can manage everything easily and get an insight into it all. It certainly has led to us delivering a much-improved proactive service to customers and potential customers alike.


– Insufficient control over relationships and projects
– ERP system insufficient and non-compliant for sales and marketing


Microsoft Dynamics CRM


– A complete picture of projects with all the contacts concerned
– Control over sales processes and projects
– Better contact and stakeholder management
– Clear guiding information