Advance is HSO’s annual conference for customers – networking, sharing tips, and gaining fresh insight into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack are all on the cards.  This year’s event took place at the Williams F1 Conference Centre in Oxfordshire.

Attendees were welcomed by Adrian McNay, MD of HSO Customer Service, and Jan Koedijk, COO of HSO Group. Speaker and performance coach Richard West delivered a talk “Focussing on High Performance”, explaining how Formula 1 teams work together to innovate rapidly and effectively, with F1 victory going to teams that continually improve. Success requires a blend of teamwork, culture, and continual technological development.

To see how this applies to Microsoft Dynamics 365, a number of HSO customers took to the stage to explain their success :

  • Yasmin Lewis, Divisional CRM Lead at Kingspan Insulation, described their journey implementing Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, with management buy-in, a strong team, partner support and clarity on scope as crucial factors in their success.
  • Danny Wheeldon, Head of IT at Rosti Automotive told the story of the migration of their IT systems from Denmark to the UK, with HSO supporting the Dynamics AX transition – having the right team, managed expectations and focussing on replacing like with like were key learnings.
  • Ron Meijer, CIO at KIWA, shared their experience of a global Dynamics 365 project, implementing the complete suite, including Finance and Operations, Field Service, Talent and Sales. The approach here was one of developing MVPs (minimal viable products) and evaluating these with core business representatives.

HSO partners showed off how their products can extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Insight Software showed how data can be pulled from all parts of the stack and analysed in a single location; Sana Commerce demonstrated their natively integrated e-commerce solution works seamlessly with Finance and Operations; and CodeIT gave us a look at how their platform can be used to integrate Dynamics 365 with dozens of other applications. Darrell Monk from the Microsoft Dynamics User Group detailed what a powerful resource the User Groups are, allowing end users to connect with other users who have faced the same issues as them, and develop their skills and expertise through courses, conferences and chapter meetings.

We were also given a look into the future of Dynamics by Chris Rothwell, Dynamics Lead at Microsoft. Chris focussed on enabling digital transformation as well as the “digital feedback loop”, where data can be rapidly collected, analysed, and actions taken off the back of it – which then allows data to be collected and the process to start again.

This idea of digital transformation was a key topic throughout the afternoon breakout sessions, with discussions about cloud migrations, the Business Application Platform, Business Intelligence and HSO Global Managed Services all featuring.

To round off the day, Richard West gave a guided tour of the Williams F1 museum, showing the dozens of vehicles that illustrated a journey of continual innovation of over 40 years. Just like in the world of Microsoft Dynamics 365, adaptation and innovation is crucial to stay ahead of the competition.