How would you react?

Your £multi-million rocket crash explodes into a money melting, ball of hellfire.

For Elon Musk it’s just another day.

“We expect it to explode. It’s weird if it doesn’t explode. If you want to get payload to orbit, you have to run things close to the edge.” – Elon Musk on The Joe Rogan Experience

In this podcast, Enterprise Architect Mike Stanbridge explains how to adopt this attitude, so you …

  • Fail fast
  • Fail safe

… and discover new breakthroughs with extraordinary speed.

For most people “failure” is a dirty word – something to avoid at all costs.

No wonder the most successful innovators love failure.

Using it properly is the easiest way to pull ahead – and make your work more fun.

In 2020, Elon Musk averaged one new launch every 2 weeks!

Mike compares Musk’s Space X to the sluggish, plodding NASA:

“How many rockets have NASA launched in the time that Space X have lost a whole load of star ships? ONE!” – Mike Stanbridge

It’s a key reason why Space X should win the race to Mars. However, this attitude demands much more than a strong stomach.

Indeed, there’s one important decision to get right first.

This podcast is only 11 minutes.

Please, don’t leave this page without listening to it now.

What’s more, let HSO help you apply these ideas to your work.

Best, Michael

Michael Lonnon