AO are already a £1.23billion online retailer.

Why shift to physical stores during a pandemic?!

As this video explains, it’s not crazy …

AO opening a store

As you’ll see, doing this differently could be the smartest way to grow.

And almost every industry has these undiscovered opportunities.

Whatever your business, I’ll bet it’s the same for you.

In the case of retailers, many have focussed their technology on back-end operations.

Neglecting the consumer side means:

  • Working across different channels is a sluggish nightmare.
  • Call centres are desperately slow and unresponsive.
  • Important marketing opportunities are overlooked.

Getting these few details right allowed AO to pull ahead with surprising speed.

5 new stores were launched – from scratch – in just 4 months.

In this video, HSO’s Managing Director David Little explains how …

… which exact tool made the difference …

… how might this help you?

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For now, please watch the video here – while you have this blog open.

Best, Michael

Michael Lonnon