We often see that innovation in companies is slowed down by relatively heavyweight, interconnected core applications. This is a pity, because with ‘light’ and flexible applications, particularly for ERP, you can act so much faster. New, cloud-based ERP solutions enable modern, lean processes, allowing you to innovate faster and respond more quickly to customer demands.

But what does a modern application landscape look like for your business? And what is the roadmap to get there? These are reasons why you need a digital game plan.

Many companies know that they can improve their bottom line when they use modern technology, such as smart data applications and apps. For example, they can innovate faster and respond better to the ever-changing demands of the market. At many companies, we see a need for the following:

  1. Intelligent insights, at any time, preferably via DIY (Do It Yourself) dashboards to be able to react directly.
  2. Practical application of IoT, with which you can automate processes via low-code technology (such as Power Apps).
  3. The possibility of developing and testing new business models, for example based on a subscription model (as-a-service).
  4. Data-driven work and assistance in deploying AI and machine learning.
  5. Enabling employees to work better together anytime, anywhere, from any location – especially due to Covid restrictions.

However, we see many of our customers struggling to define their IT strategy and landscape. In other words, how do you make the transition to far-reaching digitalisation? How can you develop an IT landscape that supports your strategy instead of obstructing it? A digital game plan is indispensable to get started.

How do you choose the right cloud ERP solution?

When drawing up your digital game plan, you look closely at what solutions and changes will bring the quickest benefits. But you also consider how you can manage risks. Above all, you don’t want to migrate an entire platform with all business-critical applications to the cloud at once. Therefore, the preparation of a digital game plan starts with an exploratory process.

At HSO we help customers with a discovery approach as the starting point of your digital transformation. We take a close look at the current application landscape, in perspective of the business strategy. After this, we look at what technology is needed to realise your business strategy. Quite often, Cloud ERP solutions are an important building block of a phased implementation of the Dynamics 365 platform.

The four corners of the digital game plan

At HSO we produced a series of E-books in which we describe the four main pillars of our digital game plan. Please find them below:

ERP Modernisation: four e-Books

Cloud ERP solution - strategy


The shift from products to services, change of customer expectations, international growth or new supply chain models and much more, can all be strategic drivers for an ERP modernisation. When developing a new IT landscape, including cloud ERP solutions, the company’s strategy is paramount. Which technology really supports the business objectives?

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We call this need for modern, lean processes and data-driven technology transformation accelerators. To implement these, you need ‘light’ and flexible ERP applications.

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Cloud ERP solution - cloud


To remain relevant to your customer and to distinguish yourself from the competition, flexibility and adaptability are essential. A cloud-based IT landscape, with cloud ERP solutions, based on a modern architecture, is the best starting point for this.

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cloud erp solutions - delivery


Where companies used to implement a new ERP system every 7 – 10 years, today’s applications are constantly evolving. This means that the application landscape is never finished.  Thanks to Change & Adoption strategies, agile methodology and DevOps team, issue management and continuous system improvement go hand in hand.

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Start with the design of your digital game plan!

Would you like to start shaping your digital game plan? Do you want to know the impact and opportunities for modernising your ERP with cloud solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365? Start with an envisioning workshop. As a result of this Free 2-day Assessment you can envision your individual ERP transformation roadmap with Dynamics 365 and HSO.