Last September, Microsoft announced that from 1 October 2020 the “classic mode UI” (User Interface, or the look & feel and navigation of the application) will be phased out. Thereafter, only the Unified Client Interface (or Unified Interface) will be available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE).

The Unified Interface is the new user interface that ensures the same user experience on every device. So whether you use the application in a browser, tablet or smartphone, you always experience the same look & feel. Interactive dashboards are available on all devices, with access to all of your data. Unified Interface makes it possible to shape processes from the perspective of an app user. Are you curious what it looks like? Then watch the Microsoft video below:

Microsoft is therefore encouraging its customers to switch over to Unified Interface. Some users may already be logging in automatically via the Unified Interface, as it is based on their upgrade history or the settings of their application. If your users have been confronted with this and would prefer to ‘go back’ to the Classic web interface for now, then they can go to the setting ‘Use the New Unified Interface only (recommended)’ and set it to ‘No’. This can be done in the System Settings – General Tab.

UI General Tab

Microsoft introduces new functionality into Dynamics 365 on a weekly basis, and the time between delivery of releases is getting shorter. The more your implementation grows in size and complexity, the more important it is that your release process runs smoothly and stably. Customers should therefore work together with the support team at HSO to help with this journey. For example, we can help to discuss and plan your route map, assist with automated deployments, carry out knowledge transfer. Some of the benefits:

  • Achieve time and cost savings
  • Gain a clear understanding of your business goals
  • Generate efficient use of the system and processes

If you would like to learn more about the long-term development of the Microsoft Platform, the roadmap, which is regularly updated, can be found here.

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Important release webinar

An important new release for Dynamics 365 CE became available in October 2019. This release is part of the Dynamics 365 release plan for 2019 (wave 2). Watch our on-demand webinar, “What’s new in the Dynamics 365 CE Fall Release?” to find out everything you need to know about the changes.

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The Dynamics 365: 2019 release wave 2 plan, now available as a pdf download, also contains information about PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, the Common Data Model and data integration.