The latest release of Advanced Field Service from HSO offers additional functionality on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Sevice. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service allows organisations of any size to deliver intelligent, world class field service, managing all aspects of the end-to-end field service management cycle.

Reshaping the field service management landscape is becoming necessary, especially with the plethora of possibilities that IoT offers in facilitating the implementation of new business models as well as the changing nature of field technician mobility. This makes management of the field service cycle even more critical and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers out of the box IoT integration to help you be future ready. HSO understands your need to streamline operations when facing increased competition and cost-cutting initiatives and realises that to maintain competitive advantage, real-time data and innovative service methods are vital for field service enterprises to ensure customer delight, increase revenues and expand profit margins. A focused and futuristic enterprise service strategy is essential to achieve this.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service and the HSO Advanced Field Service app together provide a powerful and agile solution enhancing field service and enabling a profit based service company. Customer asset address, customer asset properties, customer asset designer, customer asset templates, customer asset warranty, agreement customer assets, agreement coverage, improved work order actuals registration & extended case management integration are out of the box available in HSO Advanced Field Service and provides a solid basis for the implementation of Dynamics 365 Field Service.

“We are proud to have our Advanced Field Service solution app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service available,” said Eric Veldkamp, Executive Director Sales & Marketing at HSO. “With this latest release, we are able to further enhance business operations, deliver intelligent world class Field Service and accelerate productivity for our customers, delivering effective solutions that make a significant difference to them.”