A common theme when talking to retailers is how can they attain a single version of the truth across their organisation. Whether it’s marketing, retail, buying & merchandising, supply chain or customer support teams – each department needs to see the version of the truth that’s relevant to them.

Even CEOs, MDs and FDs need to see a high-level, business-wide view of this single version of the truth.


As well as gaining vital business insights, retailers also need to leverage this single version of the truth directly with the customer.

Nowadays, when a customer walks into a shop, it’s not unusual for them to be armed with more information than the store assistants. A few taps on their mobile phone can tell them about pricing, promotions, stock levels and what competitors have to offer.

All of this interconnected information needs to be incorporated into a single organisation-wide version of the truth so that sales operatives are just as informed as their customers.


Central to the customer’s version of the truth is where the customer is buying, what they’re buying and how they’re buying.

With this knowledge, managers can make more insightful, strategic decisions about the business and better inform their teams across units and departments as to how to improve the individual customer experience.

Marketing teams can see who ends up buying as a result of their campaigns or promotions. At the same time, the in-store retail team will gain the required insights to enable them to improve and personalise the service they deliver.


Combining ERP and CRM functionality, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows users to enter and access data from a single, centralised source.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a unified, digital platform that gives you the information to make faster, data-driven decisions. Managers can monitor key metrics on supply chain activities to help them ensure that the right quantity and type of stock is available.

Being able to track and analyse real-time data as it moves through your retail business allows for improved forecasting and planning and greater insights into each business unit.

The insights and predictive intelligence from Microsoft Dynamics 365 allow you to give customers a more personalised experience across all channels, including social media.

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