Gordon is a Labrador. A ginger Labrador to be precise.

And Gordon is a gorgeous gent of a dog, if a little mischievous.

One day Gordon ate a bar of soap. He then spent a short while vomiting reams of foam and bubbles, and a long time feeling very sorry for himself.

Suffice to say, Gordon hasn’t repeated this feat, but it remains a moment etched in the memory of his owner.

His owner being David Little, the managing director of the company I write to you from, HSO.

Rather than chasing cats all day, David spends his time helping companies overcome their challenges with the help of Microsoft technology.

It comes as a surprise then that David doesn’t believe technology is the first answer to solving many of the business challenges he sees.

So I grabbed 13 minutes of David’s time to find out why …

You can listen to what he thinks in the podcast here.

As David points out …

“Technology or people, one can’t work without the other, but I think over time it’s been far too much about technology first.”

He believes companies need a change of mindset to get value from any investment.

As part of this, David recommends adopting a change management agenda that goes across all parts of the business.

Of course, as you know, and as David explains, this is where combining the right people with the right technology comes in.

But I’ll let you listen to what David has to say on the subject himself …

Indeed, the interview makes for a compelling listen and I’d recommend you click the link and check it out yourself.

As I say, you can listen to the full podcast right here:

Just click to have a listen.

Best, Michael

Michael Lonnon