How can you become more data-driven?

Your data offers a wealth of opportunities with data visualisation letting you create dashboards for insight and prognoses and monitor your most important company processes in real time. With data integration you can combine and integrate data from many different sources harnessing the myriad of datapoints the Internet of Things brings. Analytics also lets you follow your machines in real time, predict product maintenance, analyse your customers’ purchase amounts and offer even better services.

This big data offers endless possibilities for retail, wholesale, technical services and industry sectors; everything can be connected. Gathering data is the first step, but your goal is of course to get actionable insights from that data. To do this, you need a new data infrastructure and the right analytics software. It’s relatively easy to view data after the fact using dashboards and reports, however proactively using your data, with predictive models or machine learning for instance, is the next step.

HSO achieve Data Analytics Gold Status

At HSO our Data Analytics Team is certified in the Microsoft Data Analytics Platform and has been awarded the Data Analytics Competency Gold Status. This underpins HSO’s ambition to help deliver valued Advanced Analytics platforms to our customers through the Microsoft Azure Data Platform.

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