Get more value from your data with advanced analytics

You think you know what your customers want, but they will often surprise you, this is where data can grant objective insight into what your customers really want. Advanced analytics is about researching what happened, why it happened, what will happen, and how to manage things more efficiently.  

Some benefits of utilising these analytical features are: 

  • Fixing technical issues before they happen  
  • Predicting which customers are at greatest risk of leaving 
  • Detecting fraud as early as possible 

The combination of IoT and advanced analytics helps you make data-driven decisions, transform your organisation and develop new business models. Data mining or taking a structured approach to making connections in a large data set, plays a key role in this. 

HSO achieve Data Analytics Gold Status

At HSO our Data Analytics Team is certified in the Microsoft Data Analytics Platform and has been awarded the Data Analytics Competency Gold Status. This underpins HSO’s ambition to help deliver valued Advanced Analytics platforms to our customers through the Microsoft Azure Data Platform.

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