Companies make major investments in time and money implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, so why wouldn’t you want to maintain and innovate your system after all that effort?

Find out how to be more agile and get more value from your Microsoft investments, the only platform of intelligent business applications that empowers everyone in your organisation to adapt and innovate.

Your own HSO Customer Team

A highly skilled and dedicated Customer Team who work with your IT team to deliver value into your organisation.


HSO Functional Impact Assessment

Continuous improvement is a fundamental driver for our customers. A key component is the ongoing enhancement of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. However, it is not immediately apparent which new capabilities are relevant and pertinent to each individual. So HSO analyse the new capabilities of the Dynamics 365 platform and build a roadmap that is relevant to your business needs.


Prepare for peak trading periods

Are you ready for peak trading periods? Get ready now with our specially designed service packages to get you in shape. Available for Microsoft AX V 4.0, 2009, 2012 & Dynamics 365.

Drive maximum value from your existing solution with functional quickscans and "TimeBank" service days

Are you looking to drive more efficiencies through your business and respond to increasing customer demand by extending the use of Microsoft technologies? You could benefit from additional functionality from our latest partner solutions. Take a look at what's included.

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