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Chapter 1

Professional Services: where are we today?

What keeps leaders in professional services up at night?

People centered, client focused and project driven: that’s professional services in a nutshell. This industry includes a wide range of sectors, from AEC to legal, accounting and consulting, all operating in challenging and fast-paced markets. What keeps their leaders up at night? And how can technology support them to overcome these challenges and improve business outcomes?

Connecting the dots: creating 360 degree customer insight

What our customers say: “Our projects have long lead times and operate in a complex network of stakeholders. To get a seat at the table, we need insight into this network.” 

"If we had a better understanding of our relations, we would be more effective in leveraging its value and create more business opportunities.”

The HSO approach: When you manage large and complex projects that get under way long before the first brick is laid, to get a seat at the table you need to proactively build relationships with all stakeholders. We support companies with smart relationship management technology, that provides insight into networks inside and outside your organization, related projects and activities.

The outcome? Smarter (automated) marketing, better pipeline and opportunity management and a smooth transition from sales to project management and finance.

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How we help Professional Services companies