Chapter 2

What will our solution look like?

Based on your business strategy, target operating model and matching application model we develop a roadmap of a future-proof application landscape.

Depending on strategy and priorities, we redesign, build or optimize the application landscape using Microsoft business solutions such as Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. Data, integration and connectivity are core elements of our solution.

In other words: We use Microsoft technology to modernize operations, simplify and automate processes, deliver real-time performance insights and connect companies with the outside world.

Good to know: our customers don't need a new ERP to get access to their data. That's where the Azure Cloud Platform comes in. However, when necessary, we bring legacy systems, SAP or Oracle, to the cloud or implement cloud-based, modern applications.

Why we love Microsoft technology

Like HSO, Microsoft is industry first and all about data, integration and connectivity.

Microsoft offers a 100% cloud-based enterprise application platform that is complete, reliable and secure. It is focused on integrating data and connecting applications, including non-Microsoft technology (for example, SAP).

From ground to cloud

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HSO builds IP to fill any gaps in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and offers workshops, assessments and industry-driven best practices to assist our clients in becoming digital leaders in their industry.