Chapter 3

We know Manufacturing

HSO has a long history in the manufacturing and technical (field) services industries. Thanks to a large number of loyal customers we understand not only the end-to-end process, but also the reasons why companies in these industries need to transform.

Our offering is so much more than a new ERP. In our experience, more often than not, customers don’t need a new system of records, but they need a solution that supports their growth and transformation. Therefore we ask them: why do you want to invest? What is the return-on-investment going to be and when do you need to achieve this?

We believe in a data first approach and support our clients to become intelligent, data-driven businesses. By combining our deep understanding of the industry with the Microsoft cloud platform, we accelerate the impact of your digital transformation.

HSO has been a recognized and award-winning Microsoft partner for more than 20 years. We have a strong relationship with Microsoft leadership and access to the latest knowledge and support, allowing us to leverage the power of Microsoft technology even further.

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