Chapter 1

Manufacturing: where are we today?

The manufacturing industry is one of the driving forces of our global economy. We see rapidly developing technology causing a shift to smart factories and new business models. But also rising costs, margins under pressure and a vulnerable supply chain. What are the biggest pain points and challenges for manufacturing companies? And how does HSO help them stay competitive, innovative and resilient?

Transform new technologies into new business models

What manufacturers say: "We have equipped our machines with IoT sensors. But now what? How can we turn this data into better products and service?"

And: “How do we leverage new technologies, when we have all these legacy systems in place? We need a digital strategy and roadmap.”

The HSO approach: behind every software or application related question, lies a question that revolves around growth. How can technology support growth and continuity of your business? We support companies by developing a strategy to move their current IT landscape, including legacy systems, such as SAP or the Oracle platform, to a modern application architecture.

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How we help Manufacturing companies