Chapter 1

Modern Finance, Modern Operations

Start with your vision and strategy

What we see is that companies come to us with a general question. For example, they want to replace their ERP, but their current architecture limits their options, because it has reached its expiry date or the IT landscape has become such a spaghetti of different applications that it is no longer maintainable or secure.

A few examples of challenges our customers face, linked to their ERP:

  • We are looking for a new ERP solution, but at the same time, we want to be able to organise our
    business processes more flexibly, to respond more quickly to market demands.
  • We want to shape our omni-channel strategy, but we notice that our application landscape is
    already so complex that we can hardly manage it anymore.
  • We want to automate more processes, but how do we prevent an explosion of applications and
  • We want to move faster, but we experience that our current ERP and the way of working our
    employees are blocking this “need for speed.”

In our experience it pays off to start the conversation at that moment and by asking about the vision and strategy of a company. Which direction do you want to take and how do you notice that your ERP system is standing in the way of change? If we understand which direction a company wants to take, then we can better understand which IT is needed to achieve this. This is often more than just an upgrade or a single application.

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Meet the modern CFO

We see a change in the role and responsibilities of the CFO, taking up the more and more the role of strategic advisor and becoming one of the main drivers of digital modernisation of a company. In this technology dominated age, the CFO must assess digital investments according to economic criteria, evaluate them for the board of directors and shareholders and control them. This requires also consulting qualities, change management, an understanding of technology and business analytics.

When we are talking about Modern ERP we have to take the ‘modern CFO’ into account. In our view, he (or she) and the CIO form the design team for digital transformation.

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