2. IT modernization vs digital transformation

IT modernization centers around the concept of upgrading technology.

That could include the adoption of new software or platforms driving tangible benefits such as improved end-user experience, faster response times, quicker fixes, and increased uptime. Largely executed to streamline business operations and infrastructure, modernization is usually based on long-term gains and could translate into relying less on expensive, complex legacy systems that are difficult to maintain.

Digital transformation, on the other hand, requires a more holistic view of the business accounting for many potential variables. Organizations tend to benefit from creating a new set of core values and a strategic roadmap based on change, as well as utilizing the 4Ps: People, Process, Policy, and Platform.

To achieve the greatest impact, your roadmap must be aligned to your overall business goals when it comes to increasing revenue. In addition, new ways of working and interacting will form part of a wider culture change, essential for successful transformation.