Chapter 1

Cloud foundation enables AI-innovation for Rijk Zwaan

Machine Learning for automated image analysis

Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells its seeds worldwide. High-tech research, including AI is highly relevant in order to stay focused and efficient. One of their R&D processes involves very detailed measurement and determination of product properties. And this used to involve a lot of manual work.

Rijk Zwaan already started developing an advanced automated process, using a machine learning model for automated image analysis. This Proof of Concept worked, but it was difficult to scale and roll out to other locations. Their question to us:

Can you help us in bringing this solution to the cloud and further automate and optimize our image analysis process?


The image analysis process is now fully automated, with the data and Machine Learning model all hosted in Azure. The implementation was done in such a way that it's easier to develop new machine learning initiatives, using the lessons learned from this project. The next steps are to further improve the data foundation in Azure. Their next AI use case is already in the works and involves a self-learning model for seed and plant development.