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Conclusions: Four Key Takeaways and a Glimpse of the New Normal?

It seems clear from the study’s findings that our industry is currently experiencing some significant changes in multiple areas.
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    We see the shift from the first wave of field service management systems that now form the backbone of field service operations to a newer breed of service solutions when it comes to technology. As we outlined earlier in the report, this is a shift best defined as the difference between digitalisation and digital transformation.

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    This new wave of technology is very much aligned with an increased focus on placing customer satisfaction and customer success at the heart of our operations within the field service sector and at the heart of our growth strategies. As a result, the field service sector has genuinely become a truly customer-centric industry.

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    This fact also lies at the heart of the increasing move towards servitization, which has been driven as much by our industry’s customers as it has by the field service organisations themselves.

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    Much of this transformation that we see across the industry has been advancing for a while. Still, there is no denying that the pandemic has had a significant impact on accelerating our progress on the journey that we had already begun.

There has been much talk of building the new normal in the field service sector. This study has revealed a glimpse of what the central pillars of that new normal will be.

An increase in sophistication in our service strategy and design, an embrace of the technology that we have now firmly put our faith in to empower us in our endeavours and finally, customer success lying at the heart of everything we do.

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