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Connected Field Service Offers Opportunities

Connected Field Service can transform an organization by automating time consuming tasks for scheduling, completing and billing on-site work by optimizing daily schedules, and delivering strong, consistent customer interactions.

Customer dashboard

The more data you collect about your customers, the more insight you have about what they want. However, today’s customers are protective about their data and don’t hand it over lightly. You need to offer customers something valuable in exchange for this data. For example, the customer could benefit from real-time insight into the location of the field service engineer and the exact time they will arrive on-site. Customers are also interested in receiving details about the effect of the last maintenance. When the customer is provided with a dashboard giving them this type of information, they will be more willing to share their data with your company, thus strengthening your relationship with them. You will be able to see and predict trends and use the information to drive more business.

Preventative maintenance

The possibilities are now endless. In the past, installation, service and maintenance companies based their business model on breakdown situations on a time and materials basis. Today’s customers want their
appliances to be completely supported, no matter what, with preventative maintenance and performance contracts in place. Now that real-time insights into the status of the appliances at the customer site is available, preventative maintenance can be applied. This means that suppliers can now see

what an appliance needs, whether it be a new part or if a breakdown is imminent based on the intelligent information that the appliance provides. Preventative maintenance plays a huge role. When Machine Learning data is traded, the appliance or a part of the appliance can indicate when it needs to be replaced. In this case, an automatic appointment can be scheduled with a field service engineer with the right skills to solve the issue before the customer is affected by the problem.

An integrated solution

To get insight into opportunities, an integrated Field Service solution is essential. Information regarding all processes is key. It is of great importance for technical service providers to have a Field Service solution that works seamlessly with business-critical systems. Using Field Service, you optimize the guidance of your engineers that work in the field.

Everything right

How do you make sure that the right engineer with the right skills is at the right place at the right time and has the right information available to them?
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    You have realtime insight into business processes

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    This allows simpler control of business processes

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    You can make faster and better decisions based on data

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    This allows timely adjustments to achieve organizational goals