It seems almost impossible for today’s retailers. The customer’s demands are changing on a daily basis and becoming increasingly challenging. While Amazon recently delivered its first package with a drone, Coolblue just placed an ad online for the position of package hugger. Various organisations are also using WhatsApp for customer service; what comes next in this crazy world? As a consequence, the customer expects even more: they are more aware of prices than ever, they expect fast, high-Quality service, short delivery times and user convenience, and they have an open attitude towards innovative products. In addition to these trends in services, above all the consumer wants convenience and speed. Slogans such as ‘Ordered before 23:00, delivered to your house in the morning’ are important selling points that appeal to the customer. A store that is only open during office hours is not flexible and will therefore lose to the online competition which is ‘always open for business’.

In this white paper, we will explore the following question in more detail: How can retailers get the most from the combination of their IT systems to respond to the changing customer and provide optimal service? For a clear answer, we must first zoom in a bit more on the specific challenges that this sector faces.


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