Smit Lamnalco Increases Sales Efficiency With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This international maritime service provider has significantly strengthened her grip on sales projects. Having implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales is approached in a more structured manner and decisions or no longer made by a gut-feeling.


Smit Lamnalco is a leading worldwide player in the provision of maritime services. Using more than 200 ships the company provides all the services that oil and gas companies need to make transport possible, from towing and anchoring to the supply of food and the transfer of goods. “Smit Lamnalco was established in 2012 as a result of a merger between Smit and Lamnalco”, says Jeroen Oudshoorn, Director Business Development at Smit Lamnalco. “After the merger we started with a blank slate in sales.”

The progress of the sales processes was recorded in Excel sheets. Our offices in Rotterdam, Nigeria, India, UAE, Russia, Singapore and Australia exchanged Excel sheets back and forth by email. This resulted in it not being possible for everyone to have the same insight at the same time. You were always one or two lists behind. It was obvious that more structure and insight was a necessity. We wanted to make the commercial process transparent for the entire sales organization

Previously three people from the same business unit might visit three different locations of the same large company within a two week period, without them knowing this from each other. It became clear that we really needed more efficiency and improved structure in our organisation”.

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