RMD Kwikform – Generating Business Growth with Dynamics Rental

Managing risk while generating business growth in the rental market with Dynamics Rental.


RMD Kwikform (RMDK) are part of the Interserve Group which is a £2b turnover company and RMDK’s turnover is around £195m. RMDK’s core business is the hire and sale of goods and they operate in the construction industry providing formwork/false work equipment to major construction players around the world.

The Challenge

Our main challenges were around having a common set of processes for all global businesses – which would manage our operational needs, our stock assets, the movement of these assets, as well as the financial business management.

We started that journey about 10 years ago with the aim of consolidating our many ERP systems around the world. At that stage we did not have common processes, no transparency of assets, or the movements of these assets.

Stock management was complex and the ability to understand stock utilisation was difficult and if we needed to ship goods to other countries then the visibility of available stock was also challenging and costly.

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