Considering an upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

When you installed your ERP system, it made a demonstrable difference to your business – simplifying processes, saving money and giving operations a shot in the arm. Upgrading to D365 allows you to continue improving the way you do business. Better data and process visibility, using the agility of the cloud keeps you on the cutting edge of your industry.

However, as with anything new, such as upgrading to Dynamics 365, its adoption can create challenges if not properly managed. Success lies in the strategy, and being methodical in your approach.

In this session, we’ll cover the key ways to tell when you should upgrade your system and what to consider before you begin your upgrade.

Together we’ll address:

  • The pros & cons of not upgrading
  • The opportunity costs
  • When to tell if you need to upgrade
  • What activities you need to take to prepare for an upgrade and how to get help

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