‘Closing the ticket’ is the mantra for field service managers, something like ‘the show must go on’ in the live entertainment business. A successful and on-time fix – the earlier the better – saves cost, shines in the customer experience and helps the brand image and, frees precious resources for the next ticket. We understand that.

Closing the ticket earlier, at the minimum cost, with fewer resources, and maximizing the success rate. You’ve really done the full monty to achieve that, obviously, and you’re still thinking over it. Using a cloud solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service enhanced with Dynamics Advanced Field Service will undoubtedly help you.

Increasing engineer utilization with a better scheduling

Perhaps the most obvious and most effective area in which a company can gain on a Field Service Management (FSM) solution is scheduling. Engineers and field service operators are productive just when they are on-site with their customers. Leveraging more efficient scheduling, the routing and dispatch of the engineers could be optimized, increasing the effective time on site and reducing waisted time. Existing standard tools could be upgraded using artificial intelligence-based algorithms and real-time traffic data. The results can be dramatic, adding in an extra job or two per engineer per day.

The relevant data

Opening the ticket in the triage and diagnosis stage, easily accessible knowledge banks can help the contact center agent to troubleshoot the problem and identify the problem, so the engineer is arriving fully prepared.

The right skills

An FSM system will not just send the first available engineer or the nearest one. The system will schedule a call only with an engineer with the relevant qualifications and will ensure that he/she will have the needed spare parts and tools. If the problem turns out to be more difficult than envisaged, the engineer on-site can easily obtain a manual or seek external advice. This ensures that there is no need to make a new appointment. Recent Field Service News research revealed that 86% of companies who have implemented some form of engineer-to-engineer communication stated that they saw an improvement in first-time-fix rates.

The required tools and spare parts

A dedicated inventory management solution, tracking van stock and the regular movement of parts that occurs within a field service cycle, can offer far greater visibility into stock across the business and provide major cost savings. Greater visibility into field service stock ensure even in the scheduling process that the engineer will have the set of tools and the spare parts.

Reducing unnecessary service calls

Is there anything better than fixing a problem in the first call? Yes, there is: solving the problem without any call! FSM solutions can help contact centers to provide remote assistance and guidance, avoiding the need for a service call entirely. The contact center could access a database of solutions or find checklists to examine with the client. Obviously, AR significantly improves problem-solving compared to telephone consultations. For example, the client could send an image of a broken device to their supplier so that they can carry out simple repairs themselves, supported, of course, by an expert.

Automating the invoicing process

Billing service calls isn’t always a straightforward process. Field service hasn’t accounting skills, and the accounting dept is at odds in managing field service bills. Digitalizing the field service workflows shortens the service-to-cash cycle. The field service engineer, for example, could collect job completion approval from the client while on-site.

Costs? Think in terms of ROI instead!

There are many ways in which an FSM solution can deliver a clear and tangible return on investment across the field service operation. When implemented correctly, this can be achieved within a relatively short time frame of between just six to eighteen months. When we consider that with the advent of Cloud computing and the introduction of the Software as a Service model, the initial outlay for implementing a solution is also reduced, the potential ROI of an FSM solution makes for an incredibly powerful argument.

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