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William van Zweeden
01 Nov, 2022

Kelly powers the success of organisations through innovative, tech-enabled workforce solutions. They’re obsessed with finding new ways to engage specialist talent across life sciences, finance, technology and other industries, empowering people and businesses to build what’s next.

As a specialised, global workforce solutions business, aligning and standardising internal finance processes was crucial to their business transformation. They needed a reliable partner, who could work with their team to implement a new system across 15 countries, keeping things as standard as possible in accordance with group policies and accounting principles while complying with each country’s legal and statutory specifics. Kelly stayed true to form and connected with the right people for this job, HSO International.

Learn why Kelly decided to partner with HSO

Unified Finance Systems

In order to manage the employment of 1 million+ workers around the world, Kelly requires an efficient, centralised and standardised back-office system for processing finance as well as procurement and billing. In its European operations Kelly was managing a whole matrix of different systems across 15 countries, leading to inefficiencies and headaches. They required a new finance system that could integrate with a host of different legacy solutions, to centralise and unify processes. The result being the optimisation of valuable time and resources, thereby contributing to overall growth.

Leveraging Dynamics 365 Finance to achieve consistency across Kelly offices

The implementation scope in Kelly includes the use of many the Dynamics 365 Finance-related features as the solution is maintaining all back-office operations like accounting and billing. In addition to the utilisation of the standard solution, there are high business impact customisations.

Dynamics 365 is not being implemented as a standalone solution but rather as one of the crucial pieces of the overall Kelly landscape. The Azure technology stack is heavily used to deliver integrations with a variety of external solutions.

The Right Partner

Kelly came to this project with a clear vision and a strong idea of how they wanted to work. They were looking for a multi-country rollout of a new finance system that was standardised across geos. They also wanted and a true partnership. For this job, the right partner was HSO International.

Multi-country rollouts are what HSO does. With a global presence and practice, they do not need to stop at borders and pass off to a new team, HSO can implement in each country with the localised expertise needed to follow legal and statutory requirements. As such HSO were able to keep to the goal of implementing a standardised system. Working with a strong template-based approach to reach the goal of alignment, HSO started in the Swiss European headquarters and has now successfully rolled out to 10/15 countries. The roll-out moved in step, running to a strict cadence.

Customisations were kept to a strict minimum, only high-impact developments that could be used across multiple geos were permitted, thereby keeping to the goal of standardisation. Where developments were made HSO worked within Kelly’s framework, with HSO responsible for designing the solutions and Kelly’s own internal team doing the development, reaching out for support where needed. HSO are a company that are small enough to be flexible in their approach but crucially they are still large enough to deliver. Together, HSO and Kelly Services were able to prove that it is possible to keep customisations to a minimum, when deploying to 15 countries.

About HSO

Starting over 30 years ago, HSO has grown to become one of the leading global Microsoft partners, continuously delivering results. Today, HSO is a business transformation partner with deep industry expertise, a global presence and most importantly: a truly global practice. Operating in 50 countries, global projects are in our DNA and were recognised by many as trusted advisors. Indeed, HSO is big enough to serve, small enough to care.

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