We were all excited and relieved to hear that vaccines for the COVID-19 coronavirus were approved and would be distributed starting in late 2020. The road to rollout, unfortunately, has had some bumps, from the federal down to the county level. The fact is, it has been a much bigger challenge than expected for state and local governments to administer COVID-19 vaccinations in an orderly, reliable, efficient manner.

The good news: There are solutions that can help address those challenges—one of which was developed by HSO on Microsoft technology. HSO’s COVID-19 Vax Portal, built using Microsoft’s Power Platform, governments can:

  • Ease registration for the initial dose of the vaccine, identify who should be prioritized based on risk or other criteria, and coordinate scheduling with clinics that are distributing the vaccine
  • Organize and automate QR code distribution to minimize contact for front line workers while efficiently tracking who is receiving the vaccine and which vaccine batch and serial number they are receiving
  • Set up automatic reminders that are sent to recipients to schedule the second dose and allow to report complications they might experience from the vaccine.

In addition, the HSO COVID-19 Vax Portal provides tools that help administrators act quickly and strategically. With a centralized vaccine dashboard with real-time data, you never have to guess about numbers—how many vaccine have been administered, and who has received which vaccine.

Want to learn more? Watch this recorded demo, where our expert walks you through the details of the HSO COVID-19 Vax Portal.