Meet compliancy standards and exceed customer expectations. For financial services companies, technology is the key to exceeding customer service. Customers expect personalized services and at the same time they want 24/7 access to their data and account information. That’s exactly what a modern, cloud-based IT-platform can deliver.

On the other hand, technology means new and challenging strategic questions for the financial services industryThe amount of data is growing exponentially. In the light of strict regulation and increasing compliancy demands, a data breach must be prevented at all costs. How do you become and stay a trustworthy partner for your customers?  

4 advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for financial services companies


Unify and automate financial processes

Your employees can work smarter, faster and make better decisions with user-friendly, role-based applications and workspaces that integrate all business processes. Different departments work with the same (customer) data.


Reduce operational expenses

Better budget control and data driven planning and decision making can save a lot of operational costs. In addition, thanks to low-code platforms such as Power Apps, more and more processes can easily be automated, saving time and reducing errors.


Reduce risks and complexity

Dynamics 365 is based on best practices, internationally, which means you can easily adapt your systems to local regulations, regarding tax and compliance for example. Microsoft invests hugely in the security of its Azure cloud platform you and your customers can rely on.


Make data-driven decisions with AI

Advanced data infrastructure and intelligence technology enable you to make better and faster strategic decisions which help you to improve financial control and reporting and optimize cashflow, using embedded analytics and predictive insights.

Predict future developments

The availability and incorporation of AI helps companies grow their market share and improve for example customer service and productsWith useful data insights you can, by means of smart algorithmspredict future developments. As a result, you can make better and faster decisions to keep up with market developments. But how do you build a future proof data infrastructure and an AI business case that truly adds value for your business? That’s where our data and AI experts can support you.