Digital transformation. We’re hearing it everywhere, and we’re being told we must digitally transform our businesses and organizations to survive and thrive in today’s landscape. And rightly so; digital transformation empowers you to improve every area of your business, from streamlining processes and increasing agility to reducing costs—all while improving the customer experience.

While everyone generally agrees that it needs to happen, the problem is often a matter of resources and time.

Digital transformation isn’t a technology you can just plug in and keep moving:

  • First, it takes planning and strategizing—what you want to transform, why, how, and in what order.
  • Second, it is never “done”; it is more akin to continuous improvement rather than, say, a software upgrade.
  • Third, it often takes experience and expertise you might not have on staff.
  • Finally, it typically happens in tandem with regular operations; you must be able to keep doing business as you work on your transformation.

How do you plan, prepare for, and execute a digital transformation strategy without impacting your ability to do business?

Managed Services: Keep Digital Transformation Moving Forward with Expert Help

Managed services teams are brought in by businesses for many reasons, all centered around an increasing need for IT resources to manage an ever-growing IT landscape that increases in complexity and potential risk by the day. Most companies either cannot afford to or cannot find the IT resources to hire, leaving their existing staff to deal with increasing pressure and putting them in a position of being reactive.

With those pressures, it’s understandable why digital transformation is put on the back burner. But it is imperative to be able to support core business systems and applications while working proactively on transformation efforts that will secure future success. This is also where managed services providers can help—with everything from upgrades, migrations, and continuous optimization to coaching and insights on improving business processes and ensuring any initiative provides value as quickly as possible and aligns with your goals.

The first step is to evaluate the strengths and skills of your IT team so you can decide where they should be focusing their efforts. Do they focus on maintaining existing technologies, or would they serve better in the role of developing and executing a transformation plan? Regardless of what you decide, managed services can fill the gaps, putting their skills and experience to work to help your organization move forward.

Look to HSO to ensure your Microsoft Dynamics investment is delivering value. We can help you with implementation, upgrade, or application support virtually or in person, and we can help with proactive, solution-focused support and more—24/7 and across borders. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to take the burden off your IT staff so they can focus their efforts elsewhere

Let us show you how we can help, with a FREE, 1-Day Dynamics Assessment

  • HSO Managed Services meets with your team (digitally or on site) to evaluate your Microsoft Dynamics environment, make recommendations, and develop a support proposal.
  • The Assessment is FREE if you assume HSO travel expenses (where applicable, limited to $1,000).

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